Video Motion Detector

Auto Sensor Video Recording System
*System 1:1 
*System 1:4 
  • The above Quad Splitter and Video Recorder have to be quipped with alarm function.
  • The STOP and EJECT keys of the recorder have to be separate.
Advantages of Auto Sensor Video Recording System
  1. The monitoring area can be set up and moved casually through four detection points.
  2. While alarming, the DC12V output will activate the video recorder.
  3. The recording time can be set up from 20 to 60 seconds for each alarm. If the alarm does not stop, the recorder will continue recording until the alarm is reset.
  4. It can extend the video tape for use and save time for reviewing the tape.
  5. The intermittence recording can postpone the lifetime of the magnetic head of the recorder.
  6. This system can work with quad splitter. While alarming, the detected area will be displayed in full screen and recorded simultaneously. The picture is large and clear.
  7. The alarming can catch the operator's attention and help him take proper actions if necessary.
  8. This system can compare favorably with time-lapse recorder and is cost effective..
  9. It can achieve the goal of systematization, automation and humanization.

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