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Video Motion Detector

The Video Motion Detector is inserted between the camera and monitor of a monitoring system. If the brightness in one of the four detection points visible on the monitor changes ( a person walking through the picture), an alarm is activated.
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  • Movable four detection points (e.g. A)
  • Adjustable length of detection points (e.g. B)
  • Can set up detection points invisible on the screen.
  • Can set up alarm output in automatic or manual phase.
  • Alarm duration 5 to 45 seconds. (Automatic phase)
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • With NO & NC alarm output connector
  • With a 12VDC (100mA max) output while alarming
  • Connectable with a speaker of 100 -200 ohm
  • Workable with alarm quad splitter or alarm switcher to automatically select the intrusive area for recording.
  • Easy installation, no sensor and cable needed.
  • 117V/230V or switching power supply 100~240V
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