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B/W . COLOR Multi-functional Infrared Camera

The PIR infrared camera consists of a very sensitive b/w or color ccd module, LED infrared illuminator, 20W halogen lamp and infrared sensor, and it has alarming , audio monitoring, broadcasting and sound recording functions, which can perform 24 hours monitoring for day and night.
For more detailed function description, you may refer to the following chart.
No. Functions Situations
1 IR Illuminator Automatically switch on in low light condition.
2 Infrared Sensor Detecting scope [15M/ 110°(H)/93°(V)]
* When someone intrudes the detecting scope[15M/ 110°(H)/93°(V)] ,the following situations will happen.
1 Warning Light Turn on at night only and it is optional to keep light flashing or turn it off.
The working time is about 10 seconds.
2 Alarm Alarm time about 10 seconds. Beep.... sound volume adjustable or closed.
3 Alarm Output Connector There is NO connector available for other applications.
4 Audio Monitoring It works at daytime and for nighttime, it works only when an alarm is triggered. Due to the noisy fan working in the IR Illuminator, the audio monitoring can not work with the IR Illuminator simultaneously.
5 Play Recorded Sound The previously recorded sound will play automatically when an alarm is triggered. PS. You can record previously any message that you want to inform/warn the persons who enter the detecting scope.
6 Broadcasting The operator in the main control room can broadcast on live to the persons in the detecting area.
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  • 1/3" SONY ccd image sensor+Lens+IR Illuminator
  • Resolution:420/600 lines(B/W), 400/520 line(Color)
  • Color image automatically switches to B/W in low light condition
  • use high-speed IR LED(32 pcs), lifetime approx 25,000 hours
  • IR range 20M(66ft)/40M(132ft), IR angle 56°
  • Automatic light sensor control(10 Lux±15%)
  • With infrared sensor [15M/ 110°(H)/93°(V)]
  • With warning light
  • Alarm function
  • Alarm output connector for other application
  • Audio monitoring function
  • Available to record sound previously and play
  • Broadcasting function (through main control room)
  • Built-in fan to cool IR LEDs
  • Aluminum housing for indoor/outdoor use
  • Camera body available to adjust pan/tilt angle
  • 12VDC,100~240VAC
  • Wall mounting bracket can be purchased separately
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