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Video Auto Switcher

The Video Auto Switcher is inserted between the camera and monitor of a monitoring system. The panel has 4/8 pressing switch for alternation and also has LED display to show operation stages. (BYPASS. AUTO. HOME)
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  • 4/8 video inputs, 2 video output.
  • Touch-style switch (BYPASS. AUTO. HOME)
  • Switching interval approx 1~35 seconds
  • 230V/100~240V
Model No TF-9031 TF-9033
Video Input 4 Input 8 Input
Video Output 2 Output
Switching Interval Approx 1~35 seconds
Channel Switches Touch-type switch (BYPASS. AUTO.HOME)
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor only
LED High Light LED
Input Voltage 230V/50Hz, 100~240V
Dimensions 335(W) x 50(H) x 245(D)mm
Weight Approx 2.01Kgs Approx 2.07Kgs

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Quad Splitter

The quad splitter compresses the pictures to one-fourth of their size and integrates them into a single picture witha four-quadrant format.


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  • Full quad display at real time refresh rate
  • High resolution picture
  • Support quad-switcher and full-screen functions
  • No division border 
  • Video gain adjustable
  • User-friendly front panel design
Model No TF-9040
Video Input Port 4 cameras
Video Output Port 2 Video Outputs,Video Out Signal:1Vp-p/75 Ohms
Picture Refresh Rate CCIR:25 Fields/sec. EIA:30 Fields/sec
Digital Memory 1024 x 512 for Full Screen
Video Format EIA or CCIR-Monochome Video Signal
Video Input Quantity:B.N.C. x 4 Connector
1 Vp-p Adjustable par "VR" 75 Ohms
Video Output Quantity:B.N.C. x 2 Connector
Quad Only:1 Vp-p Quad Video Output 75 Ohms
Switch:1 Vp-p Full Screen or Quad 75 Ohms
Auto Scan Timing 3~4 sec.
Dimension 210mm(L) x 220mm(W) x 44mm(H)
Power Supply DC12V
Power Consumption 250mA
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  • Automatically Selects NTSC or PAL system
  • Adopt E.A.L. (Erase Asynchronous Line) technology for best image quality
  • Full Duplex,records quad-image and display VCR tape simultaneously
  • Built-in Color-Bar generator enables you to calibrate the monitor easily
  • Smart auto switcher,random sequence and dwell time are supported
  • Automatically detects unconnected channel and skips that channel in auto-switch mode
  • Provides VCR-IN to support 2x2 Zoom-in and Freeze function for playback
  • Freeze individal quadrant function
  • Video signal loss detection.produces sound by built-in buzzer
  • Automatically keeps the last image when video loss occurs
  • OSD shows date,time,and channels
  • Built-in timer and title generator
  • Independent title setting,up to 8 characters,for every channel
  • Supports 3 character colors
  • User-friendly OSD set-up menu and front panel design
  • High quality video encoder with 10-bit resolution D/A converter
  • High quality video encoder with 10-bit resolution A/D converter
  • Full quad display at real time refresh rate.(60 fields/sec.)
  • 16 million true colors
  • Independent bright,contrast,color and sharpness adjustments for every channel
  • Built-in four 2H adaptive comb filters for Y/C separation to get sharp image quality
  • Built-in cross color reduction filter to improve image quality
  • No border for full quad display
Model No TF-9041
Refresh rate NTSC:60 fields/sec,PAL:50 fields/sec
Resolution(HxV) NTSC:860 x 525,PAL:860 x 625(CCIR-601 standard)
Video input port BNCx4 cameras + BNCx1 VCR play inputs
Video output port BNCx1 Monitor out, BNCx1 VCR Record out
Video output signal 1 Vp-p/75£[ CVBS out
Video output format Full/Quad/Freeze/Auto switch programable
Video freeze duration From 1 sec to 99 sec
Title generator Up to 8 characters each channel
Timer generator Built-in real time clock
Dimension 218(W) x 202(D) x 44(H) mm
Power source DC 9V~12V
Power consumption 6W(max),410mA@12V
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