Video Motion Detector
Model No TF-9038
Video Input 1 Input
Video Output 2 Output
Detection points (lines) 4 detecting points (lines), length adjustable from the rotary switch at the bottom case(Each point is adjustable in 4 wave-phase)
Function Alternative 3 function switching:
  1. Alarm with detection points
  2. Alarm without detection points
  3. Without Alarm & detection points
Alarm Time Automatic phase : 5~45 seconds Manual phase : press reset to end alarm
Volume for alarm sound Adjustable
Output connecting points description
1. (1NO 2 COM) Circuit-closed /off during alarm (NC & NO connector less than AC/DC 30V)
2. (2COM 3 NC) Circuit-opened /on during alarm (NC & NO connector less than AC/DC 30V)
3. (4 RESET 6 GND) Connectable with switch for alarm termination
4. (5 O/P 6 GND) With an output of 12-V (100mA) during alarm
5. (7 +SP 8 -SP) Connectable with a speaker of 100~200 ohm
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor only
Input Voltage 117V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, Switching Power Supply 100~240V/47~440Hz
Dimensions 335(W) x 50(H) x 245(D)mm
Weight Approx 2.3Kgs (5.06lb)

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